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Project Contents Implementation
KPI-ML Key Performance Indicator Markup Language (MESA volunteer activity) (2016-2017) XML + C# support package
PORT Prioritization Of Requirements for Test (NCSU CSC712 and CSC830 project) (2004-2005) Java
weather Tools for preprocessing and analyzing weather data (2009, updated in 2017-2018) C# (being rewritten in Python, for fun)
wordclouds Technical resume wordcloud package and UIs for interacting with it. Builds upon Andreas Mueller’s word_cloud package. (2018-202x) Python, PySimpleGUI
Course Contents Implementation
data science Exercises from Data Scientist’s Toolbox (2014) R
HOML Hands-On Machine Learning projects (private Kaggle competition) (202x) Python
learning Machine learning course exercises (IBM certificate in Data Science, EDA with MATLAB, Text Analytics and Predictions) (2019-202x) Python + a little MATLAB

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